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  Trade Routes  
Forge Citadel Essence Sinq Laison
Forge to Domain
Forge to Essence
Forge to Heimatar
Forge to Metropolis
Forge to Sinq Laison

Jita to Dodixie
Under Construction Essence to Sinq Laison
Essence to Domain
Sinq Laison to Metropolis
Sinq Laison to Domain

Sinq Laison to Essence
Sinq Laison to Heimatar
Dodixie to Jita
Dodixie to Hek
Dodixie to Rens
Domain Khanid Metropolis Heimatar
Domain to Essence
Domain to Forge
Domain to Metropolis
Domain to Sinq Laison
Under Construction Metropolis to Forge
Metropolis to Sinq Laison
Hek to Dodixie
Heimatar to Sinq Laison
Rens to Dodixie
Rens to Hek
Rens to Jita